Crystal Bowl


Each crystal bowl is a masterpiece crafted by combining crystals, gemstones, gold, and metals, fused together at high temperatures. These enchanting instruments, known as ‘Crystal Bowls,’ are a mystery until seen and heard—they reveal their appearance and pitch only when fired.

Unlike conventional instruments bound by fixed scales, Crystal Bowls resonate with a unique freedom, crafting new harmonies with every note.

MANMA MIA IZUMO proudly serves as the authorized retailer for Crystal Tones in the United States, meticulously selecting the perfect Crystal Bowl for you. Whether you visit our store to experience these bowls in person or explore them online with the assistance of our robots, we’re dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect match.

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<Crystal Bowl Sound bath Interview>

Yoko: Welcome, Akiko Haruna. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Today, we’re diving into the serene world of crystal bowl sound baths. First off, could you explain to our audience what a crystal bowl sound bath is?

Akiko Haruna: Thank you for having me, Yoko. A crystal bowl sound bath is a healing session where participants are immersed in the vibrational sounds produced by crystal singing bowls. These sounds and vibrations are designed to induce deep relaxation and meditative states, facilitating personal healing and tranquility.

Yoko: That sounds incredibly soothing. How did you come to work with crystal bowls, and what drew you to this particular mode of healing?

Akiko Haruna: My journey began several years ago when I was seeking a form of healing that transcended traditional methods. I encountered crystal bowl sound therapy and was immediately captivated by its profound impact on the mind and body. The purity of the sound and its ability to touch the deepest parts of the soul was unlike anything I had experienced before.

Yoko: Fascinating. There seems to be a spiritual element to this. Can anyone participate in a crystal bowl sound bath, or is it meant for a specific group of people?

Akiko Haruna: Absolutely, Yoko. Crystal bowl sound baths are inclusive and beneficial for everyone. They are particularly recommended for individuals seeking peace and clarity, such as those who have retired, parents who have completed their intense years of child-rearing, or really anyone looking to find a moment of peace in their busy lives.

Yoko: It’s comforting to know that it’s accessible to all. What can someone expect to experience during a crystal bowl sound bath session?

Akiko Haruna: Participants can expect to enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation. As the crystal bowls are played, their resonating sounds envelop the room, creating an environment where stress and worries dissolve. Many report feeling lighter, more balanced, and rejuvenated following a session. It’s not just an auditory experience; it’s a full body sensory journey.

Yoko: That does sound rejuvenating. How often would you recommend attending these sound baths for optimal benefits?

Akiko Haruna: While even a single session can provide significant benefits, regular attendance amplifies the effects. I recommend starting with once a week to allow the body and mind to gradually attune to the vibrations. Over time, individuals can adjust the frequency to what feels right for their personal healing journey.

Yoko: Lastly, for those interested in exploring crystal bowl sound baths, how can they get started?

Akiko Haruna: I’d suggest visiting a local studio that offers sound baths or attending a workshop to experience it firsthand. For those who prefer the comfort of their home, there are online resources and recordings available, but experiencing it live is truly unparalleled. It’s an open invitation to everyone to discover the transformative power of crystal bowls.

Yoko: Thank you, Akiko, for sharing your insights and knowledge with us today. It’s been enlightening and truly inspiring.

Akiko Haruna: Thank you, Yoko. I hope more people discover the healing power of crystal bowl sound baths and find the peace and balance they seek.