Rickshaw & Yukata Rental Dressing Service Launched


Experience Japanese culture as you explore the beautiful streets of Izumo adorned in the timeless elegance of the YUKATA


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June 13th, marks the launch of our collaboration with Unshu Jinriki Shachu: the Rickshaw × Yukata Rental Dressing Service!

Experience the charm of our traditional attire and explore the city in style. Book your reservation via MAMMA MIA’s Line@ or contact us directly by phone. (Reservations required by the day before)

Service Highlights:

  • Yukata Rental: Includes dressing and basic hair styling support
  • Photography: Enjoy free-style selfies with our complimentary selfie stand or opt for professional shots with our DSLR camera (upon request)
  • Rickshaw Pickup: Enjoy a 20-minute ride included in the package. Extensions and customizations available upon request.

Price: ¥10,000 (tax included)

Our service has been featured on NHK, Nippon Television Network (NNN), and in various newspapers.