About Me



As a child, the excitement was boundless, yet somewhere along the way, those dreams faded into the background, forgotten. Dreams that, as we grew into adulthood, we reluctantly let go of. Have you given up on making those dreams a reality? I had too.

Then came the stay-at-home period during the pandemic, halting the relentless “must-dos” and allowing me the space to deeply reflect on what I truly wanted to do. It was during this introspection that I rediscovered two significant dreams of mine.

My childhood dream… to create my own secret base. And the dream that blossomed in adulthood… to live authentically, much like the mom in MAMMA MIA.

In 2020, as we entered the era of living with COVID-19 and the winds of change, at the age of 61, I decided it was time to act on these dreams. It’s never too late, and anyone can realize their dreams!

I hope to inspire others through my journey, encouraging more people to pursue their own dreams.

Driven by this desire, I decided to open “a secret base surrounded by loved ones, things, and activities,” in Izumo, Japan, the birthplace of our nation, in October 2020.

My first visit to Izumo in June was an unexpected twist of fate. Yet, it felt so natural to go with the flow.

Trust your intuition!

The name of the shop is “MAMMA MIA HARUNA,” operating with the concepts of “comfortable space,” “connecting people,” and “being true to oneself.”

Why not take the first step towards realizing your dreams with us?

“Our shop’s commitment”

MAMMA MIA HARUNA is a shop that delivers things, activities, and people that have sparked joy in my heart, with a focus on crystal bowls.

Firstly, crystal bowls are instruments made of quartz crystal!

We are dedicated to the sound quality and will assist you in choosing the perfect bowl!

Crystal bowls, being high-temperature-fired ceramics, are incredibly beautiful
but cannot be tuned. Therefore, selecting the right sound is crucial for this instrument.
While conveying the message of alchemy, we match the pitch and ensure a beautiful harmony,
offering personalized support to each customer in choosing a bowl that satisfies them.

In April 2023, as the pandemic finally subsided, our buyer, MEGUMI,
visited Crystal Tones in Salt Lake City, USA, for purchasing. Here is a photo
from when she went to pick out crystal bowls one by one to deliver to all of you.

Please translate this into English as well. Thank you.

KataKamuna Jewelry — Let the Resonance of Your Name Illuminate Your Essence

We offer custom jewelry using your name, crafted with the ancient Japanese script of KataKamuna.

This unique jewelry serves as a partner for living true to yourself, embodying your essence and shining a light on your authentic path.

Let’s expand this conversation to elaborate more on the beauty and significance of KataKamuna Jewelry:

“Imagine a piece of jewelry that does more than just adorn your body. Think of it as a key to unlocking your innermost essence, a bridge to your true self. With KataKamuna Jewelry, we delve deep into the ancient wisdom of Japan, employing the mystical KataKamuna script to fashion a piece that resonates with your personal vibrations. Each piece is not just an accessory; it’s a reflection of your identity, crafted with the intention of harmonizing your life’s journey. By embedding your name within this sacred script, we create a talisman that aligns with your spiritual energy, empowering you to live authentically and vibrantly. It’s not merely jewelry; it’s a companion on your path, a reminder of who you are at your core, and a celebration of your individuality. Allow us to craft a piece that speaks to you, for you, and about you – a one-of-a-kind jewel that shines as brightly as your essence.”